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Stemcell Develops New Mini-guts Line

Stemcell technology has to be one of the most fascinating and underreported types of health technology of today.

Stemcell Technologies, a Canadian biotechnology company just announced they’ve released two new lines of organoids for research; an intestinal line and a cerebral line.

According to the report, using cystic fibrosis patient’s tissue to grow ‘mini-guts’ in a lab is simpler while making it available to more scientist who want to study the disease and test patients response to various therapies.

“The development of organoid culture techniques has expanded the limits of what scientists can accomplish in vitro. At Stemcell, we are committed to providing tools for culturing organoids to researchers across the globe,” Allen Eaves, founder and chief executive officer of Stemcell Technologies, said in a press release.

Organoids are grown from adult stem cells in certain tissue, such as intestines. In 2007, a team led by geneticist Hans Clevers in the Netherlands discovered stem cells in the gut. Clevers and his post-doctoral fellow Toshiro Sato found that they could isolate these cells from bits of tissue. Under the right conditions, they would self-assemble into structural and functional mini-intestines — or 3D structures known as intestinal organoids.

In Colorado, retired Orthopedic Surgeon and Stemcell researcher, Kenneth Pettine has also made significant breakthroughs. His website, provides honest information regarding mesenchymal stem cells as well as additional information, research papers, and more.

Providers like the Colorado Stem Cell Center are applying cutting-edge stem cell therapy resulting in patients being flown in nationwide to take advantage of new stem cell technology.

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