Guest Post: The Fall of the Mainstream Media

The Mainstream media is done. America is disgusted. The only ones not aware of their self destruction is Mainstream media itself.

When Donald Trump ran for office, almost every Mainstream media outlet promoted their polling claiming Donald Trump had zero chance of becoming today’s President. Fast forward a year, and he’s our President. Softlink isn’t a political blog but we do like to offer our thoughts on major events in today’s society. The media is self-destructing right in front of our eyes.

Take Kenneth Pettine for an example. This is a guy who has dedicated his life to helping sick people. He invented the Maverick Artificial Lumbar Disc, as well as the Prestige Artificial Cervical Disc.

From what we can tell, Kenneth Pettine was set up by a colleague and literally mauled by the media. I won’t save the time to give any added promotion, but some very insignificant media outlets in northern Colorado set out to destroy this former doctors life.

Another famous person who’s been eyed by the media is America’s consumer advocate, Tom Martino. Martino has helped literally thousands of people recover millions of dollars in cash, merchandise, and exchanges. In 2016, he and his wife and a little tiff, Martino was arrested and his charges were later dismissed. The problem is; the damage was already done. Various Colorado Mainstream news outlets jumped on the opportunity to trash his reputation without thinking twice. One, which is very insignificant skinny paper in Colorado still follows Martino around and at random post ridiculous articles designed to ruin this guy. Welp, it’s not going to work.

Need more? How about former 850KOA morning show host; Steffan Tubbs? This poor guy lost his job at iHeart Radio over domestic violence allegations which were completely dropped against him. As of Dec of 2017, his employer still refuses to bring him back onboard. Now, if you Google Steffan, his reputation is smeared all over the place – all because of the Mainstream Media.

The list goes on. Sure, there are scumbags who deserve to be blasted all over the internet – but what about these 3 people I just talked about? These are people who have literally devoted their lives to helping people – and the media killed them. Literally, smeared their names all over the internet and for what? Ratings? Yep.

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